​Confessions of a Free Spirit 

By now a good number of people I know would know that I’m not much of a conventional soul. Yes, I may be bound by some restraint established by my overprotective family (mostly my mother. If not ALWAYS) forcing me into my buzz kill ways, but I find myself at times wandering off into a solitary state of mind that allows me to be in tune with myself. In actual fact however, I just enjoy the confinement of my own mind. It’s where my true thoughts lie and where my imagination runs free. Chuck Palahniuk once said that “in you mind… there’s no difference between what is, and what could be”. Anything is possible in the mind. 
Now don’t get me wrong, I can be very sociable. In fact, I tend to find myself sometimes in need of getting involved in regular social settings to help me broaden my understanding of how things work. A lot of people don’t see it that way. At least the ones that don’t know me too well. And if you don’t exactly know who I am, you would most probably think of me to be a closed off and slightly conceited character displaying some form of disregard for certain things (I think it’s the ever present resting bitch face). 

Okay, I’m boring you. Let me stop. If you can so clearly see from my photo, my head is clad with hip Bohemian inspired accessories I purchased from a totally awesome hip Facebook store called “The Bohemian Age”. From my head I wear a braided feather headband (K16), and covering my eyes are a pair of turquoise John Lennon inspired sunglasses (K20). 

You might be asking yourself “who would be insane enough to wear such things?”. I know, maybe it’s a little too extra but that’s pretty much the whole reason why I’m writing this. Besides the fact that I absolutely love boho vintage fashion, that hip weirdo you see with a carefree soul and a free spirit; that’s me. That’s who I am. I will remain weird and awkward but I would still find it so AWESOME because it’s who I am. And I don’t think I can ever change that.